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Motor Racing in the 70s $28.99
Click Here for Product Details! Motor Racing in the 70s PAPERBACK 242 photograph and 488 pages. This is a reference book on global motor racing activities in the 1970s in 87 countries. [ More Information ]
The Museum of the 24 Hours of Le Mans $21.99
Click Here for Product Details! Our first all color book. This book depicts one of the best, if not the best, car racing museum in the world, at Le Mans. The book also contains statistical data of the several marques/models represented. [ More Information ]
Click Here for Product Details! RACING CAR CONSTRUCTORS OF THE 70s is a 542-page book (PAPERBACK), with 305 b+w photos and sketches, with profiles of thousands of racing car constructors from 49 countries [ More Information ]
Il Museo della 24 Ore di lLe mans $21.99
Click Here for Product Details! Un libro divertente, non ufficiale del museo della 24 Ore di Le Mans, con foto a colori e statistiche delle vetture della collezione. Renault, Jaguar, Ferrari, Matra, Panhard, Mazda, Toyota, Porsche, Peugeot, Audi, Bentley, ecc. [ More Information ]
Combo Pack Soft Cover $51.98
Click Here for Product Details! Regular price US$ 61.98. If you want to buy both Motor Racing in the 70s and Racing Car Constructors of the 70s together, you can save US$ 10.00 off the regular US$71.98 price. Racing Car Constructors of the 70s is the second of series of books written by Carlos de Paula concerning racing in the 70s. The 542-page book, with almost 150 thousand words, covers over 2400 racing car constructors from 49 countries from all inhabited continents. The reference work provides listings in alphabetical order, identifying the nationality of constructors and the categories in which the cars were raced, covering not only major categories but also local ones. An ideal companion to the book Motor Racing in the 70’s that has 242 photographs from a large number of countries and categories, many of them rare and part of private collections. This is a reference book on global motor racing activities in the 1970s which strives to provide much obscure information, analysis and data on single seater, touring car, GT and sports car circuit racing and hill climbs during the decade. It covers racing in 86 countries, with information on drivers, venues, championships, categories, money, sponsors, etc, etc. Hundreds of sources have been consulted in over 12 languages, and much of the information covered is available for the first time in English. Please notice that some of the photos are published in both books. [ More Information ]
El Museo de las 24 Horas de Le Mans $21.99
Click Here for Product Details! El Museo de las 24 Horas de Le Mans es un interesante museo de carreras con una colección de coches franceses, americanos, británicos, japoneses, alemanes e italianos de diferentes categorías. El libro contiene fotos en color tomadas en el museo, además de informaciones divertidas y estadísticas especiales. [ More Information ]
Le Musée des 24 heures du Mans $21.99
Click Here for Product Details! Le Musée des 24 Heures du Mans est un intéressant musée de la course automobile avec une collection de voitures françaises, américaines, britanniques, japonaises, allemandes et italiennes de différentes catégories. Le livre contient des photos en couleur prises au musée, ainsi que des informations intéressantes et palmarès de les voitures. [ More Information ]
Racing Sports Car Constructors of the 70s $22.99
Click Here for Product Details! Regular price US$ 27.99, reduced to US$ 22.99 Specially prepared for those who love sports cars, but are not so fond of single seaters. If you have bought my other book Racing Car Constructors of the 70s DO NOT BUY THIS - it is essentially the sports car content from that book, packaged for people who care less about formula cares, with very little additional content. The book profiles hundreds of purpose built racing car constructors whose cars were raced in the 70s, from dozens of countries. As quite a few of these constructors also built single seaters, you will get additional historical perspective with the inclusion of their activities in open wheel competition. The book includes cars that were raced in the World Championship for Makes, Can-Am, Interserie, Springbok Series, Japanese Grand Championship, European Hill Climb Championship, Argentine Prototypes, SCCA A, B, C and D Sports racers, Formula 100, Australian and New Zealand prototypes, Clubman cars, Formula 1300/1200, European 2-Liter Championship, Brazilian Division 4, Czech and East German prototypes, and much more. You will read about Porsche and Ferrari, but also obscure constructors from South America and other continents. Illustrated with 140 photographs and sketches, many of which of rare constructors. [ More Information ] is a site maintained by De Paula Publishing and Services Corporation, in business  since 1990.

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Racing Car Adult Coloring Book $5.99
Click Here for Product Details! Regular price US$7.99 The first of a series of coloring books for adults. In this coloring book you will be able to unleash your artistic vein coloring 50 special racing cars from the 60s up to current times. There is a little bit of everything: Forrnula 1, Champ Cars, NASCAR, Touring Cars, GTs, Le Mans winners, Formula 5000, Sports Cars, Lower categories (FF, F3, F2), and cars from several nationalities as well.. There are quite a few car coloring books in the market. So what is so different about this? For starters, most coloring books depicting cars cut them in half for a very simple reason: trying to fit a full car, specially sideways, on a regular book page will not work, specially racing cars. Cars are much longer than they are tall, and regular book pages are much taller than wide. Thus you literally get half the picture and half the fun, and pay full price. This book is laid-out in landscape orientation, more suitable for racing cars, so you are able to see the front and the back of the cars. The back of racing cars is often very interesting. Additionally, many coloring books, specially dealing with racing cars, are done by very talented graphic artists who know nothing about car racing. The editor of this book is a published car racing history author, so every individual car is properly identified, with some neat information about them. Another interesting feature is that the drawings appear only on the odd numbered pages, for a very good reason. Depending on the type of coloring device you use, it would mess up the drawing on the other side. So there is no point putting 100 cars in 100 pages: you get 50 and are told so right on the cover and title. Look us up for future titles [ More Information ]