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Racing Car Adult Coloring Book Pricing
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Racing Car Adult Coloring Book $5.99 (Each)

Racing Car Adult Coloring Book
Racing Car Adult Coloring Book Regular price US$7.99 The first of a series of coloring books for adults. In this coloring book you will be able to unleash your artistic vein coloring 50 special racing cars from the 60s up to current times. There is a little bit of everything: Forrnula 1, Champ Cars, NASCAR, Touring Cars, GTs, Le Mans winners, Formula 5000, Sports Cars, Lower categories (FF, F3, F2), and cars from several nationalities as well..
There are quite a few car coloring books in the market. So what is so different about this? For starters, most coloring books depicting cars cut them in half for a very simple reason: trying to fit a full car, specially sideways, on a regular book page will not work, specially racing cars. Cars are much longer than they are tall, and regular book pages are much taller than wide. Thus you literally get half the picture and half the fun, and pay full price. This book is laid-out in landscape orientation, more suitable for racing cars, so you are able to see the front and the back of the cars. The back of racing cars is often very interesting.
Additionally, many coloring books, specially dealing with racing cars, are done by very talented graphic artists who know nothing about car racing. The editor of this book is a published car racing history author, so every individual car is properly identified, with some neat information about them.
Another interesting feature is that the drawings appear only on the odd numbered pages, for a very good reason. Depending on the type of coloring device you use, it would mess up the drawing on the other side. So there is no point putting 100 cars in 100 pages: you get 50 and are told so right on the cover and title.
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Racing Car Adult Coloring Book $5.99