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Racing Sports Car Constructors of the 70s Pricing
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Racing Sports Car Constructors of the 70s $22.99 (Each)

Racing Sports Car Constructors of the 70s
Racing Sports Car Constructors of the 70s Specially prepared for those who love sports cars, but are not so fond of single seaters. If you have bought my other book Racing Car Constructors of the 70s DO NOT BUY THIS - it is essentially the sports car content from that book, packaged for people who care less about formula cares, with very little additional content. The book profiles hundreds of purpose built racing car constructors whose cars were raced in the 70s, from dozens of countries. As quite a few of these constructors also built single seaters, you will get additional historical perspective with the inclusion of their activities in open wheel competition. The book includes cars that were raced in the World Championship for Makes, Can-Am, Interserie, Springbok Series, Japanese Grand Championship, European Hill Climb Championship, Argentine Prototypes, SCCA A, B, C and D Sports racers, Formula 100, Australian and New Zealand prototypes, Clubman cars, Formula 1300/1200, European 2-Liter Championship, Brazilian Division 4, Czech and East German prototypes, and much more. You will read about Porsche and Ferrari, but also obscure constructors from South America and other continents. Illustrated with 140 photographs and sketches, many of which of rare constructors.
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Racing Sports Car Constructors of the 70s $22.99